View your transaction status

  1. On your SumUp profile, select "Sales" from left hand panel on the home screen.

  2. Choose "Sales" to view your sales history.

  3. Click on an individual transaction to view its details, including its current transaction and payout status.

Use the filter options or enter the transaction code in the search to find specific transaction.

Start using SumUp reports

Keep track of your sales for accounting purposes using reports with SumUp.

What do transaction statuses mean?

There are five possible statuses:
Successful - payment taken
Failed - payment didn’t go through
Paid out - we’ve sent you the money
Refunded - money returned to customer
Charged back - subject to a successful chargeback
  1. Your transaction has been accepted successfully

  2. Your transaction has been refunded to the customer

  3. Your transaction has been paid out

What causes failed transactions and chargebacks?

Failed transactions and chargebacks are a pain. Find out what causes failed transactions and learn about chargeback requests.