Our licence is not limitless, and we cannot always support every business model. New restricted categories may be added or existing ones removed depending on our partners. We will do our best to update the list as soon as possible. For further questions please contact our Support Team.

The following business categories cannot always be supported:

  • Future business: 

    The delay between processing a card transaction and providing the product/service should be no longer than 90 days. If the delay is more than 90 days, your business falls into the category of 'Future business' (e.g. selling concert tickets, when not through box offices)

  • Airlines

  • Outbound telemarketers and telecom merchants

  • Door-to-door sales

  • Pyramid sales/multi-level marketing

  • Hunting clubs/activities

  • Modelling/talent organisations

  • Non-profit organisations

  • Political organisations

  • Business seminars (e.g. real estate seminars, investment programs, business opportunities/strategies, self-help books)

  • Employment agencies, temporary help services

  • Unregistered counselling centres (e.g. debt and financial counselling, marriage and family counselling, alcohol/drug abuse counselling and other personal counselling)

  • Investor services/"Get rich quick" merchants/investment clubs, the sale of stocks, securities, options, binary options, Forex and other investments

  • Cosmetic surgery

  • Detective agencies, protective agencies, security services including armoured cars, guard dogs

  • Protection services: protection, insurance, registration, services against things such as identity theft, internet fraud, credit card theft or fraud etc.

  • Adult entertainment/pornography

  • Adult dating

  • Escort services

  • Sexual encounter firms

  • Drug paraphernalia (intoxicating substances, related services and accessories)

  • Cannabidiol products

  • Male/female enhancers

  • Products with questionable efficiency - these may include, but are not limited to weight loss products, hair growth products, products to boost physical performance

  • Fortune tellers, tarot card readers and mystics

  • Gambling

  • Illegal or legally questionable businesses and products

  • Currency exchange, money transfers

  • Deposits and any type of payment that is subject to refund, regulated by the merchant's terms and conditions

  • Virtual currency services

  • Collection agencies, refinancing of debt/factoring, mortgage, brokers/reduction services/refinancing, payday loans

  • File sharing services

  • Prepaid phone cards and services

  • Telecommunication services including, but not limited to, prepaid phone services and recurring phone services

  • Auction houses

  • Upselling

  • Pawnshops (merchants that lend money in exchange for personal property such as jewellery etc.)

  • Stamp and coin stores

  • Wholesalers of precious stones and metals, watches and jewellery

  • Property sales

  • Used and new motorised and electric vehicles (including but not limited to cars, boats, motorbikes, etc.)

  • Guns, firearms, airsoft guns, munitions sales and distribution

  • Insolvent or liquidated businesses

Additionally, there are more businesses that we can’t support when using card-not-present transactions.

  • Guarantees

  • Green Card services

  • Tattoo studios

  • Sale of tobacco products and e-Cigarettes

  • Energy suppliers (such as electric filling stations)

  • Network sales and affiliates

  • Church-like organisations or religious groups that do not have church status

  • Pharmacies

  • Counterfeit medical goods or devices that are not approved for sale, or expired

  • Replicas or counterfeit goods

  • Night clubs and bars

  • Massage parlours

  • Debt collection and credit

  • Forex/Binary options

  • Financial service providers operating without a license

  • Any prepaid services

  • Cyberlockers, sharing and download portals

  • Modification chips (e.g. for games consoles)

  • E-voucher merchant models

  • Ticket agencies operating without a license (e.g. sport ticket agencies)

  • Lottery courier services

  • Links to ‘illegal good entry’

  • Goods that violate intellectual property rights

  • Illegal/banned goods and services according to the law in the relevant jurisdiction and the rules and regulations of the card schemes

  • Law firms specialised in warning letters

  • Penny auctions

  • Private business directories

  • PPI claims

  • Insurance or broker agencies operating without regulation

  • Proxy services

  • Sub-acquiring and merchant aggregation

  • Timeshare properties

Charitable or non-profit organisations may be supported by SumUp, however, like all SumUp customers, they must comply at all times with applicable financial sanction regime regulations. SumUp products and services must in no way be used for raising funds in violation of financial sanction regime regulations, including but not limited to financing terrorism and/or use involving sanctioned countries.

If one of these categories describes your business type (either completely or in part) and you are already a SumUp merchant, we kindly ask you to contact our Support Team.

For companies with more than 100 employees that come under the categories above, please get in touch with our Support Team.


Please note that SumUp and its products are intended for business use only.