Send receipts

  1. After taking payment with your Air Card Reader or accepting a cash payment, enter your customer’s contact details on the confirmation screen of your SumUp App.

  2. Hit “Send Receipt” to confirm and your customer will receive their receipt directly to their inbox.

Alternatively, when the confirmation screen shows, use the share option in the top corner to share receipts via another platform, such as WhatsApp.

You can also resend receipts with your SumUp profile or app.


Receipts provide proof of a transaction, making them potentially valuable evidence in the case of a retrieval request, fraud report or chargeback.

Print receipts

Provide printed receipts by connecting your SumUp App with Google Cloud Print-compatible printers or by connecting to a bluetooth printer.


For privacy reasons, we don’t store any contact info used for receipts. So make a note of anything you might need later.