There are no fees when it comes to cash payments.

How to accept cash payments

Here’s a quick step-by-step guide on how to record cash payments within the SumUp App:

  1. Open the SumUp App on your smartphone and log in with the email address and password that you registered with.

  2. To enable cash payments, tap on the profile icon in the top corner of the screen.

  3. Go to “Payment methods”.

  4. Switch on the “Cash Payment” toggle and go back to your home screen.

  1. On the SumUp App, tap "Checkout" at the bottom of the screen.

  2. Type an amount like you normally would for a card payment, or select an item from your item catalogue.

  3. When you press "Charge" a new screen will appear allowing you to select a payment method.

  4. Tap "Cash".

  5. Enter the amount of cash you were given. The app will automatically tell you how much change you have to give back.

  6. Press "Charge" and you're done.

You now have the option to send a receipt to your customer via SMS or email.

If you want to provide your customer with a physical receipt you can also print a receipt with one of our compatible printers, or via AirPrint/Google Cloud Print.