Attach the Solo and Solo printer

  1. Open the paper door that stores the paper rolls for printing. Push the spot with the three raised lines underneath the printer.

  2. Slide the reader door up. Use two thumbs to push it firmly.

  3. Insert the Solo and slide both doors back into place.

Step one: open the paper door at the back of the machine by pushing up from below. Three lines designate the spot to push from.
Step two: Slide the reader door back by placing two thumbs at the top of the gap where the card reader will go and pushing up.
Step three: Slide the card reader in until it reaches the bottom of the gap.
Step four: Close the reader door and paper door again. Both will click when they're in the correct spot.
Refill printer paper

Check out how to replace the paper rolls when you run out.

Charge your printer

Check your printer's charge in the top corner of your Solo's screen when attached. Low battery is also shown by a red LED under the printer. When charging this LED will flash green.

Your printer will automatically charge a docked Solo when the Solo's battery falls below 30%. Both devices can be charged together using the provided USB-C cable and adaptor.

My Solo isn’t charging

The Solo printer will only charge the Solo if the printer's battery is above 10%.