Overall costs

The Air Card Reader is sold at a one-time purchase price of £39.00, including delivery but excluding VAT.

You only pay a small fee per transaction, there are no fixed monthly fees.

Accepted cards

You can easily use your SumUp to accept either chip and PIN or contactless payments from the following payment schemes:

-American Express
-Diner's Club
-Union Pay


Provide customers with receipts via email, SMS, cloud print/sharing, and mobile printers.


Refund your customers quickly and easily via the SumUp app.


Enable tipping so your customers can show their appreciation for a job well done.

Employee profiles

Create multiple sub-profiles so your employees can log in with their own profile details with customisable permissions, keeping your profile info private.


Charge your card reader with the included Micro-USB cable by connecting it to your computer or another power source. A fully charged battery lasts for 500+ transactions.