Printing is only possible when the 3G Card Reader is connected to WiFi or a cellular network.

Printing receipts

Print on demand vs auto-print

You can choose between printing on-demand or printing automatically after every transaction. You can change your settings at any time like this:

  1. First, use the arrows on your 3G to scroll to "Device settings" in the menu.

  2. Then select "Printer".

  3. Choose "Auto-print receipts".

  4. Then switch it "On" or "Off".

When auto-print is switched off, receipt options will appear after the “Payment approved” message. Just hit “Print receipt” to print. Otherwise, if auto-print is turned on, receipts will print automatically after the “Payment approved” screen.


Ensure you attach your card reader to the printer prior to pressing the green tick to charge a transaction in order to print. If you attach it after a transaction has begun, printing will not be possible.

Print receipts from prior transactions

You can print a receipt at any time from your sales history:

  1. Scroll to “Sales history” with the arrows and select the relevant transaction.

  2. Select the “Receipt” option.

  3. Here you can choose to either print the receipt or send it via email or SMS.

Tearing off receipts and paper jam error

Tear your receipts across and upwards, toward yourself. Check the diagram below for clarification.

If torn wrong, an error message may state the printer is out of paper. Here’s how to fix it:

  1. Push open the printer lid.

  2. Pull out some paper.

  3. Close the lid again.

Replacing the paper roll

Each printer comes with 3 paper rolls (1 inserted in the printer and 2 refills). Afterwards, rolls of 57mm in width and 30mm in diameter are compatible as refills.

When the printer is out of paper, a message will appear on your card reader. You’ll notice faint red lines appearing on printed receipts as you begin to run out. You can replace the roll as follows:

  1. Push open the lid.

  2. Insert a new paper roll as shown on the image below.

  3. Close the lid again.

Load the printer roll so the paper reaches over the top of the roll and out of the slot.

Charging cradle

When plugged into a power supply the printer will charge both itself and any attached 3G Card Reader. A red LED beside the printer’s charging port will light up while charging. When fully charged the light will turn green.

To check the battery level of your printer, follow these steps:

  1. Insert your 3G Card Reader into the printer.

  2. Go to “Menu”.

  3. Select “Device settings”.

  4. Choose “Printer”.

Your device comes with a charging adapter. Be sure any 3rd party adapter is of reputable quality and supports USB C to USB C charging and fulfils the following voltage and amperage criteria: 5V/3A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A.

Using an adapter that is not in accordance with these specs may damage the printer.

Plug in your 3G Printer using a USB to USB-C charging cable.
5V = 2.4A
9V = 2A
12V = 1.5A