Printing receipts?

If you want to provide printed receipts, make sure to connect your Solo to the Solo printer before starting the transaction.

Take card with the Solo

  1. On your Solo, enter the charge amount (minimum £‎1.00) and optionally add a description to help identify transactions.

  2. Tap "Charge".

  3. Give your customer the option to add a smart tip by selecting a tip option or entering a custom amount. Hit "Pay" to continue.

  4. When "Tap or insert card" appears, prompt your customer to pay by either tapping their card to the screen or inserting it at the top of the Solo.

Your Solo will confirm the success or failure of your payment. If your transaction fails, you can check common reasons for transaction failure to find a fix.

Provide a receipt

  1. After completing a sale, choose between sending your receipt by SMS or email on the transaction confirmation screen.

  2. Enter your customer’s contact details and confirm with the tick.

  3. A confirmation screen will appear. Tap "Done" to finish.

You can also send or print receipts from your sales history whenever you need to.

If you need to return your customer’s money, you can easily refund transactions directly from your Solo.

When will I get my money?

We send your money to you in the form of payouts. Learn about payouts and discover how and when you’ll get your money.