Alternatively, you can also add each customer individually.

Importing customer lists to SumUp

  1. On your SumUp profile, select the “Invoices” tab from the left-hand panel.

  2. Click “Customers”.

  3. Hit the “Import” button at the top of the screen to bring up a dialogue box. Here, there will be the option to download a template document to ensure quick and easy importing.

  4. When you’ve filled in the template, either drag and drop the file into the box or click “Browse files” and select the file that way.

    Note: There's an import limit of 9,999 at a time. If you want to import more customers than this, you’ll have to upload them in batches.

  5. The dialogue box will update to show a preview of the information being imported, including the total number of customers being uploaded. If all the information is correct, click the blue “Import” button in the bottom corner.

And that’s it. You’re done. The file will be uploaded to your profile and your customers’ information will be available on the customer screen and via the drop-down customer menu on the invoice creation page.


Added items will sync across the SumUp App and profile and will also be available on both the Items and Invoices too.

Edit or remove customers

After importing, you can edit customer information individually by going to the "Customers" tab, selecting the pencil symbol next to the relevant customer, and changing the relevant information.

You can delete customers individually or in the groups they were imported as part of. So if you group together connected customers when importing, you can easily remove them all at a later date. 

  1. In the Invoices tab, select "Customers".

  2. Click "Import".

  3. Select "Click here to delete imported customers.

  4. Choose the customer group to delete from the drop-down menu.

  5. Click "Confirm".

  1. In the Invoices tab, select "Customers".

  2. Click on the three dots beside the customer you wish to delete.

  3. Select "Delete".

  4. Click "Delete" again in the pop-up to confirm.