You can also update your business details with our handy guide.

Change your personal details

To change your personal address, please send us an email with a document that shows your new address and is no older than 6 months. Valid documents include a copy of a utility bill, a letter from the council tax, an electricity or landline phone bill, or any official letter.

Note: You may blur or hide the content of the document to protect your personal information. As soon as we have received your proof of address, we will change your address accordingly and send you confirmation.

To change your personal details, please send us an email with a high-quality photo of your ID (front and back), driver's license (front and back) or your passport (both pages).

To change your name, you can also send us a copy of a deed poll or marriage certificate. We will change your details upon receiving your document and send you a confirmation of the changes.

To do so, please let us know your new email address by contacting our Support Team from your current registered email account. If you don't have access to it, you can send us an email or use the chat from your SumUp profile. We will confirm the change via email.

Follow this guide to change your password.

To do so, please send your current phone number and your new phone number to our Support Team via e-mail or use the chat in the SumUp profile. You will be notified when the change will be active.

Note: Your phone number is only required to contact you and won't affect your transactions.