How to accept payments with the 3G

  1. Turn on your 3G Card Reader. You should be automatically logged in once you have entered your credentials during the 3G Card Reader setup.

  2. Enter the transaction amount (minimum £1.00) and press the green tick.

    • You can add a sales description to identify the payment easily in your reports.

    • You can also enable tipping.

  3. Once “Please tap” appears on the screen, you customer can pay by either:

    • Tapping their NFC-enabled card or device on the card reader’s screen

    • Inserting their card at the bottom of the card reader chip end first.

  4. If prompted, have the customer authorise the payment by entering their PIN or by signing the screen when requested. Then simply press the green tick to confirm.

You should then see the notification “Send receipt”. You can now choose to provide a receipt with your 3G Reader, including using the 3G Printer to provide printed receipts.