Send a receipt

  1. After receiving payment with the SumUp 3G, select “Email receipt” or “SMS Receipt”.

  2. Enter your customer’s email address or phone number and confirm with the green tick button.

Why send receipts?

Receipts provide proof of a transaction, making them potentially valuable evidence if someone files a retrieval request, fraud report or chargeback.

Resend a receipt

  1. Open your sales history on your SumUp 3G and select the transaction for which you want to resend a receipt.

  2. Select “Receipt” and then choose either “Email receipt” or “SMS receipt”.

    • If your 3G Printer is attached, you can also choose to re-print your receipt

  3. Enter your customer’s contact details and press the green tick button to confirm.

Print a receipt

  1. Attach your 3G Reader to your 3G Printer and make a transaction with your 3G Card Reader.

  2. After the transaction is complete, select “Print receipt” to print.

If you enable auto-print, receipts will print automatically after each transaction. You can also print receipts from prior transactions by following the resend receipt instructions and selecting the print option.


For privacy reasons, we don’t store any contact info used for receipts. So make a note of anything you might need later.