Connect to a printer

We recommend connecting to your printer via Bluetooth, however the POS Lite can also connect to a printer via wired USB and ethernet connections.

  1. Connect both your printer and POS Lite to power and log in.

  2. Select "More" on your POS Lite and select "Printing".

  3. Enable "Enable receipt printing" and your device will automatically search for printers.

  4. Select your printer and, if necessary, select "Pair" in the pop up to connect.

If your printer doesn’t appear as available, unplug everything and reattempt the process from the beginning.

After connecting, select "Printer settings" and enable "Print receipts automatically" to automatically print a receipt after every transaction or disable it to only print select receipts.

Is my printer compatible?

Not all printers are compatible with POS Lite. Take a look at which printers can be used with POS Lite to be sure.

Connect to a cash drawer

You’ll need a printer compatible with cash drawers if you wish to connect a printer and use a cash drawer with POS Lite at the same time.

Most cash drawers can then be connected to a printer via a RJ11 jack plugged into the back of the printer.