Accept card with POS Lite

After setting up your POS Lite and connecting a card reader, you’re ready to accept card transactions.

  1. On the "Checkout" tab of your POS Lite, enter a charge amount (minimum £1.00) and tap "Add to cart".

  2. Tap "Charge".

  3. Ensure your SumUp card reader is switched on and, on the POS Lite, select "Card Reader" as the payment method.

  4. Tap or insert the customer’s card using the card reader. Your customer may need to verify the payment with their PIN or signature.

Provide a receipt

  1. On the transaction success screen, choose between sending the receipt as an email or SMS.

  2. Enter your customer’s contact details and confirm you want to send the receipt.

How do refunds work?

Discover how to provide refunds in the event your customer wants their money back.