What are the fees and limits?

Your SumUp Card is free to order and has no monthly fees.

We don’t charge a thing for your first three local ATM withdrawals per month. After those three, there’s a 2% fee on each local or international withdrawal for the month.

Be aware, third party ATMs may still apply a fee to any withdrawal.


In some circumstances, it's possible to change your SumUp Card limits by contacting our Support Team.

How can I add money to my SumUp Card?

Your card is connected to your Business Account. Add money to your Business Account to make money available to spend via your SumUp Card.

How secure is the SumUp Card?

Your SumUp Card has several security and anti-fraud measures built in for your peace of mind.

Until you activate your SumUp Card and set a PIN upon its arrival, the card cannot be used. Thereafter, the card’s industry standard 3D Secure (3DS) technology provides protection from frauds once you set up Strong Customer Authentication (SCA).

What’s more, you can easily change your PIN or place a temporary block on your card should it ever be lost or compromised.

How do I order a SumUp Card

You can order a SumUp Card when you open your Business Account.

Can I order multiple cards?

We currently only offer one card per SumUp profile.