What is the SumUp Card?

The SumUp Card is our own prepaid credit card, which allows you to pay using the balance accumulated through transactions accepted via SumUp.

When will the balance from a transaction be transferred to my SumUp Card?

The balance will be available on your SumUp Card the following day, including weekends.

What can I do with it?

You can use the SumUp Card to pay anywhere, including online, that accepts Mastercard. Additionally, you can use the card to withdraw cash from most ATMs. For more detailed information check out our SumUp Card related fees and limits.

Can I order multiple SumUp Cards?

No, at the moment, we only offer one SumUp Card per SumUp Profile.

How secure is it?

The SumUp Card is as secure as it comes. Equipped with chip and PIN technology for in-store purchases, the SumUp Card also offers premium security for your e-commerce transactions as it is supported by 3D Secure technology (a security standard created by Visa and Mastercard to secure card-not-present transactions).

As an additional measure, you can temporarily block your card.