What to do if my card reader is lost or stolen

Get in touch with our Support team if your card reader is lost or stolen. They can place a block on the card reader and the included SIM to prevent any possibility of fraudulent use.

All the data on your 3G reader is password-protected by your profile, so it’s important not to share your password with anyone.

Ensuring data stays safe

In short, none of the information stored on your 3G Card Reader is high risk. However, if someone accesses your profile, they may be able to view information, including your:

  • Merchant ID

  • Business name and address

  • Sales history, including the location at which transactions took place

If you’ve sent a receipt to yourself using your card reader, it’s also possible that some cardholder information may be visible, such as:

  • Cardholder name

  • Expiry date

  • Card issuer

  • The last 4 digits of the card number

This is no more information than is typically available on a standard receipt and not enough to conduct fraudulent activity. All other sensitive information is immediately encrypted during transactions by the device for your protection.

Replacing a card reader

You can buy a replacement card reader in our shop, available via your SumUp profile. Be sure to keep a copy of your invoice to send to your insurance company.