Order a card reader and create a profile

  1. Open the SumUp homepage and click "Get started".

  2. Select a card reader or set and click on “Go to checkout”.

  3. Enter your email address and add a password for your SumUp profile.

  4. Click on “Create a profile”.

  5. Add your shipping address.

    Note: You can add an alternative billing address by ticking the box.

  6. Choose a payment method and click “Place your order”.

If you chose bank wire as your payment method, you’ll now see the relevant transfer information. We’ll dispatch your order as soon as we receive payment. Check out our delivery article for more information.

Complete my SumUp profile set-up

Once your order is complete, there are a few short steps to finish your registration.

  1. Click “Complete registration” and you’ll be redirected to your SumUp profile.

  2. Choose “Sole trader” or “Other legal type” depending on your business.

  3. Enter your business information and click “Save and continue”.

    Note: No web page? Tick the “I don’t have a web page” box.

  4. Add your personal information and click “Save and continue”.

    Note: You can add a separate home address with the “Add new address” option.

  5. Enter your bank details and click “Save and continue”.

    Note: The account holder must match your SumUp profile name.

And that’s it, you’re registered with SumUp. Once you activate your profile you’ll be ready to start accepting card payments and build your business.


You can not change your profile’s country. If you wish to operate in another country you simply need to create a new SumUp profile under the relevant country domain.