For help setting up your 3G Reader, check out the article SumUp 3G: Setup Guide.


Charge the SumUp 3G Card Reader with the included USB type C cable by connecting it to your computer or another power source. Note: The reader is able to accept transactions while charging.

Internet connection

In order for the SumUp 3G Card Reader to operate and process payments, it requires an internet connection. The device comes with an integrated SIM card and a WiFi feature so you can choose to connect your card reader via a local cellular network or to WIFI.

Sales history

View all of your transactions with details such as date, time and amount. You can also see whether your transactions were successful, failed, refunded, paid-out, or charged-back in one glance.

To view the sales history

  1. Go to “Menu” by clicking the upwards or downwards arrow on the card reader.

  2. Click on “Sales history”.

  3. Select a transaction from the list to view transaction details and payout details.

Issuing refunds

To issue a partial or full refund from your 3G, simply follow the steps:

  1. Select a transaction in your "Sales history".

  2. In “Transaction details” select the transaction by clicking the green tick on the reader (the payout will show a bank symbol).

  3. Scroll to "Refund transaction" using the downwards arrow and confirm by clicking the tick.

  4. Choose between "Full refund" or "Partial refund". 

  5. Confirm the refund by entering your password.


Check out the 3G Card Reader’s menu options.

How to access the menu

To find any of the features below, simply go to the “Menu” by clicking the upwards or downwards arrow on the card reader.

Device settings

Once your first connection has been set up, you can always change the connection type by following these steps:

  1. Go to “Device settings”.

  2. Select “Connection type”.

  3. Choose between “Wi-Fi”, “Cellular (3G)”, or “Bluetooth”.

  4. You can now select “On” to enable or ”Off” to disable the selected connection type.

  5. To confirm, click on the green tick on the reader.

To change the language of your card reader, select “Device settings” and then “Change language” where you can choose your preferred language.

Standby mode allows the card reader to remain connected to the network which enables you to be ready for a transaction at a moment’s notice. Briefly press the power button and the device will change to Sleep mode.

Note: The card reader will automatically go into standby mode after 4 minutes without use.

To completely turn off the device, hold down the power button for around 4 seconds or until the 4 green LEDs turn off. After the device has been switched off, it will need to reconnect to the cellular network once it is turned on again.

Profile settings

To see which profile you are logged into on your 3G Card Reader, go to “Profile details” in the menu. Your company name, Merchant ID and email address will be displayed.

Find out more about how to accept tips with your 3G Reader with our dedicated tipping guide.

Should you need to add a tax to your products, you can now do so by following these steps.

To enable the tax feature, simply:

  1. Go to “Profile settings”.

  2. Click on “taxes”.

  3. Select “On”.

To edit the current tax rates:

  1. Select “Edit tax rate”.

  2. Choose the rate you wish to change.

  3. Click on “Change tax rate”.

  4. Enter the new tax rate.

  5. Confirm by clicking in the green tick on the reader.

Enter a description of the goods/services you sell. To activate this feature on your device, go to “Profile settings” followed by “Sales description”. Here you can enable the feature by tapping “On”.

Note: You can always disable the feature by tapping “Off”.

To add a description, simply enter an amount then click on the green tick and the description field will appear on the screen. Key in the description and confirm by tapping “OK” or the green tick on the card reader. The device will now prompt your customer to tap or insert their card.

To log out of the card reader, select "Profile settings" and then "Log out". This option is useful when sharing the card reader among employees.

You can find important safety information about your card reader here: