The card reader’s features include:

  • Connects to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth, no cords necessary

  • Accepts EMV chip, contactless (NFC), Apple and Android Pay as well as magnetic stripe payments

  • Transactions are authorized by customers via a signature in our SumUp App

  • Charges via USB cable connected to your computer, another power source, or the SumUp Charging station

  • Battery lasts up to ~300 transactions

  • Accepted cards: Visa, American Express, Diners, Discover and Mastercard

General usage of the card reader

  • We can only guarantee the full functionality of your card reader between temperatures of -32°F to 113°F. Because of this, we recommend that you not leave the card reader in your car during summer or winter for a long period of time.

  • Even if you don’t use the card reader, we recommend you charge it once a month.

  • The card reader is designed with security sensors to protect it from manipulation and tampering. For this reason, you should always handle your card reader with great care. Be sure to avoid using the device with force or impact (including dropping it on the ground or knocking it across the table) to prevent an automatic security lock being enabled. Once the automatic security lock is triggered, the card reader is permanently locked and cannot be used.

  • Please make sure you’re not using the card reader on metal or magnetic surfaces. The device has a security feature that prevents any unauthorized reading of magnetic card strips on credit and debit cards. When the card reader is placed on or near a metal surface, this can cause the payment to be automatically declined.