Card Reader Pricing

The SumUp Plus Card Reader is the simple and easy-to-use 3-in-1 card reader with a stronger battery, LED screen and faster internal processor, making it perfect for growing businesses. The SumUp Pro Card Reader is the ideal card reader for businesses that need on-the-go convenience.

The SumUp Plus Card Reader uses the free SumUp App on your smartphone or tablet to accept payments, and costs just $35 (excluding taxes). The SumUp Solo Card Reader is a standalone device, meaning you can manage all your transactions from one place, and costs just $99 (excluding taxes). We’re pleased to offer free shipping nationwide. For current offers, please visit our website.

Processing Fees

There are no monthly fees and no contractual obligations to SumUp. With SumUp, you only pay a set transaction fee based on the payment type:

SumUp Card Readers

You’re only charged a transaction fee of 2.75% per in-person card payment, which is automatically deducted before the funds are transferred to your bank account. 

Remote Payments (including Virtual Terminal, Remote Payments, and Gift Cards)

The Virtual Terminal transaction fee is 3.25% + $0.15. The higher fee for Virtual Terminal transactions is because of the higher risk involved, due to the fact that neither the card nor the cardholder needs to be present for the payment to occur. 


With SumUp Invoices, you’ll only be charged 2.90% + $0.15 per each invoice that has been paid online via SumUp. The fee will automatically be deducted before the funds are transferred to your bank account. 

Good to know:

  • You only pay for every successful transaction

  • We don't charge for card payments that are declined

  • We don’t charge for cash payments

  • There’s no difference in fees between the different card schemes (MasterCard, Visa, American Express)