1. Login with your profile details at sumup.me.

  2. Click on “Sales” in the menu on the left side of your dashboard.

  3. Click on “My Reports” in the right-hand corner

  4. Select “Payout Report” from the drop-down menu.

  5. If you want to resend a daily payout report, click “Daily” and choose a day and click “Resend report”.

  6. If you want to resend a monthly payout report, click “Monthly” and choose a month and year and click “Resend report”.

  7. Click “Resend Report” to have the report sent to your email.

  • You have to pick the date of the payout, and not the date of the transaction nor the day you received the funds in your bank account. You can find the date of the payout in your Sales History. Everything written in green accompanied by a bank symbol is a payout date.

  • Please note that you can't generate reports of the current day or month.

Learn more about your payout reports here.