Retry the transaction

Your transaction could be interrupted by server errors, the app closing mid-transaction or the transaction taking too long to complete. If this is the case, simply give it another go.

Check the payment amount

You can accept payments of any value above $1.00 with SumUp after you’re verified. However, high-value transactions present an increased risk and may be stopped for security reasons.

Not verified yet?

A pre-verification limit of $500 applies for unverified profiles. Verify your SumUp profile to remove this limit.

Try a different payment card

Check your customer's card is supported by SumUp and that the card's chip isn't dirty. International cards will work as long as the card scheme is supported.

If the problem persists, there may be other issues with the customer's card, such as hitting a contactless or payment limit, low balance, or damage to the card.

Check your internet connection

You need an internet connection to complete transactions. Check your Wi-Fi or mobile network settings and try again.

In cases of weak connection, move close to your Wi-Fi router. Better mobile network connection can often by found in open spaces or near external windows and doors.

Declined transactions aren't charged

Our fees are only charged when a transaction is successfully paid out. You don't pay for failed or refunded transactions.