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Assign Transactions on your Payout Reports

When you process a transaction, you can enter a description into the "Description (optional)" field. The given description will appear on your settlement reports.

You can enter whatever you think could help you sort through your transactions into the description field. For example, you can enter customer names, order numbers or customer numbers.

Reports for accounting

Every time SumUp transfers a settlement amount to your bank account, we also send you an email with a Daily Payout Report attached (the settlement is done in the morning, but the email is sent out at the end of the day).

In addition, we'll send you a Monthly Payout Report at the beginning of each month, which will include two documents: a list of all your payouts and a list of your transaction fees from the previous month. You can use these documents for your accounting.

In case you would like to search for the settlement reports in your email inbox, you can search for the subject "Daily Payout Report" or "Monthly Payout Report".

Can’t find a settlement report? You can resend reports from a specific timeframe from your SumUp Dashboard at For more information on how to resend payout reports, click here.

Proof of transaction for the customer

You can send a receipt to your customer via email or SMS. Alternatively, it's also possible to connect a receipt printer. Find more information about printers here.

Keep in mind that a receipt is not an invoice. In case your customer requests an invoice, please create this document separately. Learn more about the differences between receipts and invoices here.