How do payouts work?

We'll send the funds from successfully accepted transactions to your chosen bank account or SumUp Business Account, minus our transaction fee. It’s that simple.

Bear in mind, you can only refund payments if you have a sufficient balance of outstanding payouts to cover the refund amount.

Change my payout settings

Choose when and where to receive your money by setting your payout preferences.

When will I get my money?

Payouts take 1-2 business days to arrive from the time we send them. You can choose how often payouts are sent while setting your payout preferences:

  • Daily—every day, except for federal holidays and weekends.

  • Weekly—every Monday 

  • Monthly—every third business day of the following month

Some payments, like international card payments, take longer to process and may be sent in a later payout. See what delays payouts and track your payouts to stay up-to-date.