• Tipping within the SumUp App

    • Adjusting tip percentages

    • Smart Tipping under $10 

    • Step-by-step tipping during checkout 

  • Tipping with the SumUp Pro 

Tipping within the SumUp App

1. Select the “More” tab from the bottom navigation bar. Under the “Account” section, tap Tipping. 

2. Switch the “Enable tipping” toggle on (blue is on, grey is off). 

3. Tipping is now enabled for your account! Smart tipping applies only for transactions less than $10 and is automatically turned on. To turn Smart Tipping off, switch the Smart Tipping toggle off (grey). 

Adjusting tip percentages

During the checkout process, customers will be presented with three pre-set tipping options in addition to a Custom Tip amount. If Smart Tipping is turned on, tip percentages will only apply to checkout totals above $10. 

To adjust the preset tip percentages, within the Tipping menu (More > Tipping) select Edit in the top right corner. Then tap on the percentage number to type in the percentage of your choice. Alternatively, you can also tap on the title of the percentage you’d like to edit (e.g. First percentage, etc.). 

Smart Tipping under $10 

Note: Smart tipping is currently only available for iOS devices, but we look forward to launching this feature on Android devices soon. When Smart Tipping is turned on, tipping works as follows:

  • If a transaction is less than $10, the tipping options are: $1, $2, $3, No Tip, or Custom Amount. 

  • For a transaction of $10 or more, the tipping options are the three percentages set in the Tipping menu, No Tip or Custom Amount. Learn how to adjust the pre-set tipping percentages.

Step-by-step tipping during checkout 

1. In the Checkout tab of the SumUp App, using the keypad or Item Catalog to add up the total of the transaction. Select the blue Charge button at the bottom of the screen.

2. Select Card Reader as your payment method.

3. If the transaction total is less than $10 and Smart Tipping is turned on, your customer will have the option to add a $1 tip, $2 tip, $3 tip, no tip, or a custom amount. If Smart Tipping is turned off or if the transaction total is $10 or more, your customer will have the option to add a percentage tip based on your tipping settings.

If the customer selects “Custom amount”, they will be prompted to enter a custom dollar amount to be added as a tip.

4. Once complete, continue the checkout process as usual.

5. In the Sales tab of the SumUp App, when you click on the transaction details you should be able to see the transaction total and the tip included.  

Tipping with the SumUp Pro

  1. Log in to your Pro Card Reader.

  2. Go to “Menu” by pressing the upwards or downwards arrow on the reader.

  3. Select “Account settings” followed by “Tipping”.

  4. To enable, choose “On”.

  5. Press the green tick to confirm your choice.

  6. You can exit the “Menu” by pressing “X” on the card reader.