How to add and delete a printer in your Back Office 

To access your Back Office from a computer, go to To access it from an iPad, follow these steps.

Add a Printer: Step One

Navigate to Settings > Your printers. In the upper right corner of the screen, click the green + New Printer button. 

Add a Printer: Step Two

Add a name for the printer role you wish to create. Make sure that this role is easily distinguishable and specific to the print destination (i.e. Kitchen, Bar, Coffee Bar). You can choose Types of products that should print by default with this role. When done, press Add

Add a Printer: Step Three

From the home screen of your POS app, navigate to Settings > Devices, then click Refresh Printers. After the printers have refreshed, find the printer you wish to connect to your POS under Detected Printers and click Connect.

Add a Printer: Step Four

You can assign the new printer a role from this screen or rename the printer by entering the name of your choice under Alias. Press Enter to complete the renaming.

Delete a Printer

To delete an existing printer, click the red X button to the right of the printer name. Then click Submit to delete it. 

How to find a missing printer 

Step One

In the application, go to settings > devices > refresh printers. If printers is not found navigate to iPad application settings

Step Two

In the iPad application settings > SumUp POS  > local network > turn on 

Step Three

In the SU POS application, go to settings > devices > refresh printers. 

How to make modifications to a printer

Step One

Navigate to Back Office > Settings > Your printers. 

Step Two

Click the name of the printer (in green) and a pop-up window will appear on the right side of the screen. Here you can make modifications to the printer by selecting or deselecting product categories. 

Step Three

Click Update to save your changes.