Charging and battery

Your Plus lasts for over 500 transactions on one full charge and can be used while charging via a Micro-USB cable. Battery life is shown in the corner of the Plus's screen.

Standby mode automatically preserves your battery during periods of inactivity without breaking the connection with other devices. Turn the Plus off by holding down the power button on the side of the reader.

Avoid blocked readers

Our card readers have automatic security locks that will permanently block the device to prevent manipulation or tampering.

This lock can be triggered by extreme conditions or forcible impacts. To avoid this, try to avoid temperatures above 40ºC or below 0ºC and don't drop your device.

Device blocked?

Find out what to do with blocked devices so you can start transacting again.

Update card reader software

Your card reader automatically checks for updates after each completed transaction, however you can also manually check for updates to keep your reader running smoothly.

Improve card reader accessibility

Request a free tactile overlay for your Plus card reader to ensure accessibility for blind and partially sighted customers.