Additionally, free shipping, paperless onboarding, and a five-minute setup make payment processing easy for first-time business owners.

Why our merchants love SumUp:

  • User-friendly card reader (free shipping)

  • Accept all major cards, plus Google Pay and Apple Pay

  • One fee per transaction—no matter the card

  • Transparent pricing

  • Data analysis and business insights

By building our own payment solution, we own the entire process of our products so we can offer the best value and services to our merchants.


Giving customers the latest haircuts, selling them flowers at the local farmer’s market, or offering them ice cream from a food truck all require a card payment solution that’s just as flexible as your business model.

Our card reader allows you to accept all major cards and contactless payments whether your business has a storefront, is mobile or operates seasonally.


Picture this:

  • More payment options for customers

  • Optimal checkout time

  • Inventory management via our app

  • Check out SumUp’s analytics to increase customer reach

From providing additional payment options, streamlining checkout to managing business analytics, every new product we design is made with careful consideration of our merchants’ feedback and needs.

Guess what? We don’t require any additional payment for you to accept foreign cards. This is convenient for our merchants whose main clientele are tourists.

And as always, our Support Team is here to answer any questions or concerns you may have.  

Your success is our success

Our success is founded on you, our merchants—the sole trader, the pop-up shop owner, the everyday hero.

As our company has expanded to include over 30 countries, we hear merchant story after merchant story regarding the ease of payment that the SumUp Card Reader affords and how having more payment options has widened their clientele base.

Check out external reviews of SumUp on Trustpilot to see what our merchants say about us. No longer miss out on potential revenue. Bring out the best in your business with SumUp.