Accepting card-not-present transactions with Virtual Terminal

Step 1:

Log in to your SumUp Dashboard at and select the “Virtual Terminal” option from the menu on the left-hand side. 

Using the SumUp App, navigate to Settings and select the Virtual Terminal option from the menu.

Step 2:

Enter the payment amount total. Complete the description by giving detail about the good or service provided. Add any relevant corresponding invoice information that you have provided to the customer. 

Note: Entering a description is mandatory for charging the payment.

Step 3:

Enter the customer name (as it appears on the card), card number, expiration date, CVV (3 digit code), and billing zip code.

Step 4:

A tab will now pop up and show you a summary of the transaction details. 

Does everything look in order? Have you double-checked? 

If so, click "Process Payment" to confirm the transaction.

Step 5:

Once the payment has been successfully processed, you can provide the customer with a receipt via email. Alternatively, you can download a PDF to print. In order to prevent chargebacks, it’s important to send your customer a receipt in addition to the detailed invoice to ensure any charges are recognized by them at a later stage. Make sure to keep a record of these invoices for any future account reviews.

Congratulations – all done!

You can now find this transaction like any other transaction in the Transaction History section of your SumUp Dashboard. 

Always ask yourself the following questions when taking payments remotely:

  • Do I have the contact information (phone number and email) of the cardholder if the payment requires further verification?

  • Is the cardholder the card owner?

  • Is the customer verifiably satisfied with the services?

Still concerned? Don’t accept the payment.

Credit Card Authorization Form

To help avoid disputes or chargebacks on card-not-present transactions, a Credit Card Authorization Form may come in handy, although it’s not required. Having your customer sign this form during the purchase process means if any dispute should come from the transaction, the form will be signed evidence from the credit card holder of the purchase. This greatly increases the opportunity for SumUp and you, the merchant, to win any disputes or chargebacks.