If you already have an existing POS system, we prefer that you export a copy of your menu or product catalog from your POS with all the existing information and send it to us in a comma-separated values (CSV) file format.ย 

If you donโ€™t have a POS, you may download and complete our template, linked below, or send us your menu or product catalog either in a PDF or JPG format. If you choose to use our template, please do not add or delete any columns. Just add in the item information and leave the fields blank if they are not relevant to your items.ย ย ย 

Please send your menu or product catalog to support@fivestars.com with the email subject line โ€œMenu or Product Catalog Submissionโ€. Upon receiving your menu or product catalog, our Customer Care team will work behind the scenes to get your SumUp POS dashboard ready so that you can complete your installation.ย 

Following submission of your menu or product catalog and receipt of your equipment, please wait 48 hours to call our Customer Care team (1-860-578-2770) so they can guide you through the next steps.