Processing times

By default, our automatic batch time is set shortly after 9 PM EST / 6 PM PST. Your credit card payments processed before the batch cut-off arrive in your bank account on the next business day (Monday-Friday, excluding bank holidays).

If you have chosen a custom batch time, your credit card payments arrive in your bank account after two business days. You can change your batch time by submitting a request here.

Processing fees and deposits

Your processing fees are charged to your bank account on the next business day following a deposit.

On your bank statement, your deposit from Fivestars appears as a credit from โ€œ5/3 Bankcard SYSโ€ (our partner bank). Processing fees appear as a debit from โ€œFivestars SV9T.โ€

Connect to your Fivestars payments dashboard to view the details of your transactions, fees, and deposits. To learn more, read our Payments Dashboard User Guide.