How to accept payments with the Solo

  1. Turn your Solo on with the power button on the right side.

  2. Enter the charge amount (minimum $1.00) and tap “Charge”.

    • Before tapping “Charge”, hit “Add description” to include a product description to help identify the transaction later.

    • With Smart Tipping enabled, enter the charge amount and tap "Next". Customers can then choose from dynamic tipping options or add a custom amount. Simply tap "Pay" to continue or remove any selected tip with "Reset tip".

  3. When “Tap or insert card” appears on the screen, prompt your customer to pay by either:

    • Tapping their contactless card or device on your Solo’s screen

    • Inserting their chip card into the slot on top of your Solo

How to provide a receipt

After a transaction, an option to provide a digital receipt via email or SMS will pop up automatically.

  1. Select either “SMS” or “Email” to send a digital copy.

  2. Enter your customer’s mobile phone number or email address and tap “Done” to confirm.

  3. A confirmation will pop up. Simply tap “Done” to return to the checkout screen.

Find out more about sending receipts with SumUp with our guide.