☉ Overall costs 

The SumUp Pro is sold at a one-time purchase price of $59. After this, you’ll only pay a fee per transaction, and there are no monthly fees.

☉ Accepted cards

The SumUp Pro can process cards with any of the following logos: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discovers, and Diners Club.

☉ Payment methods 

With a registered SumUp account and the SumUp Pro, you can accept both chip and contactless (NFC) payments, including Google Pay and Apple Pay.

☉ Receipts

Provide customers with their receipts via email or SMS or printed via our Pro Printer.

☉ Refunds

Easily issue a refund if necessary, and print the receipt for proper bookkeeping.

☉ Tipping

A tipping function can be enabled that allows customers to tip, or disabled if your business doesn’t accept tips.

☉ Employee Accounts

You can create multiple sub-accounts, enabling your employees to log in to the card reader without having access to your account details.

☉ Battery 

Charge your card reader with the included USB type C cable by connecting it to your computer or another power source. A fully charged battery provides 50+ transactions. You can also connect to the SumUp Pro Printer which keeps your SumUp Pro Card Reader fully charged. Check out the article on the SumUp Pro Printer.

Quick Note

》 For help setting up your SumUp Pro Card Reader, check out the article SumUp Pro: Setup Guide.

》 Also, our SumUp Pro: Manual offers general usage and troubleshooting tips.