How to open and close your drawer and fill in your cash fund

Open Your Drawer: Step One

To open your cash drawer, simply click on the key icon on the top right-hand corner of the Home Screen.

Open Your Drawer: Step Two

Once you’ve unlocked the screen, a calculator will appear where you can type in your initial cash fund of the day. Press Validate to open the register and start service. 

Default Cash Fund mode

If you know the daily cash fund amount will be the same every day, you can activate the Default Cash Fund mode. When this mode is activated, the calculator will no longer pop up when you open the register at the start of each day.

Modify your cash fund

To modify your cash fund, navigate to Settings > Drawer management > Initial cash fund > Introduce your cash fund, then press Validate

Close Your Drawer

It’s very important to close your drawer at the end of each shift. Your closed drawer will be shown in the Back Office reports section. 

Close Your Drawer: Step One

First, make sure there are no open orders. Then, navigate to Settings > Drawer management > Close drawer

Close Your Drawer: Step Two

Select Confirm in the pop-up window to close the drawer. 

How to see your cash flow at the end of the day

To get all the information related to your drawer, navigate to Settings > Drawer management. Once you’re on the Cash Flow screen, you’ll be able to see what’s been charged in Cash, Card, and in Total for the day.

In addition, you can also see the cash total you started with versus the cash amount you have in your cash drawer at the end of service.

How to check your sales mid-shift

To check sales mid-shift, print an X Report by clicking on the Settings icon in the top right-hand corner of the Home Screen. Next, click on Drawer Management, then click on X Report to print.