Changing the information on your receipts doesn’t change the details of your SumUp profile.

Accessing my receipts

  1. Log in to

  2. Select “Profile”, followed by “Receipts”.

  3. Click on the edit symbol to change any of the information that appears in the individual fields.

Change my business information 

In the upper field, change your business name and address by clicking on the edit symbol. You’ll then be prompted to amend your details by selecting any of the boxes.

Note: Your business name must appear on your receipts, however, you can choose to hide or unhide your address by clicking on the toggle “Show on receipt”.

Edit my contact details and website

Amend your phone number, email address, and website. You can easily do so by selecting the edit symbol in the second field on the receipt. Here, you can change the information by clicking on any of the boxes. Choose if you’d like the details to appear on the receipts by clicking the toggle “Show on receipt” under each the box.

Add a message

Add any additional information that is related to your business. Click on the edit symbol in the field at the bottom of the receipt to add a customized message.

Change my logo

If you’d like to add your business’ logo to your receipts, you can send the request and the image to our Support Team.

The recommended size is 200 x 80 px. On PDF and HTML receipts, your logo will replace the large SumUp logo and the smaller SumUp logos will stay visible.