Pro Card Reader

SumUp Pro: Printer

In this article, we'll explain everything you need to know about the SumUp Pro Printer. The Pro Printer allows you to print receipts on the move and acts as a charging station for your device.

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SumUp Pro: Manual

This article contains everything youโ€™ll need to know about accepting card payments with your SumUp Pro. From features to operation, this manual offers an inside look at the reader.

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SumUp Pro: Accepting Card Payments

As soon as your SumUp Pro Card Reader has been set up, you can begin accepting card payments using the following steps:

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SumUp Pro: How to Connect

In order for the SumUp Pro Card Reader to operate and process payments, it only requires a network connection.

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SumUp Pro: Setup Guide

To begin accepting card payments with your new SumUp Pro Card Reader, you must first set it up.

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SumUp Pro: Overview

The SumUp Pro was designed for merchants who prefer a standalone device for accepting debit and credit card payments.

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