How to Close the Business Day (POS)

Caution: The business day must be closed before updating the app. Therefore, please wait until your shop is closed before updating or downloading the app. Remember that you cannot reopen a business day in the app in the same calendar day.

 Text version:

1 - click on the calendar icon at the top of the app, in the middle screen

2 - You should be redirected to the proper setting page. Here you can close the business day. Either “close shift” or “close business day” are equivalent, depending on your version. 

3 - Click on Close shift – close business day

4 - Click on Close Day

5 - if prompted, re-enter the pin

6 - Congratulations, you closed the business day. Now you should see an automatically printed receipt and you will be redirected on the Z-reports.

7-  If you want to be sure about your day closed, you can come back to settings and then shift, on the last line













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