How to Install the SumUp Point of Sale App from the App Store (POS)

Simply click on this link:

SumUp Point of Sale - SumUp Limited

and select “install”. Insert your Apple ID credentials when or if prompted.

To manually search for the app, follow the steps shown in the images below: 

text version:

1- click utilities and then App Store

2- select search in the lower right corner

3- insert “SumUp pos” in the search field

4- start the downloading on your device by pressing GET

5- confirm all steps and insert the Apple ID password if requested

6- click “open” or simply press the home button and search for the downloaded app

7- you can also slide the app in the dock where it was before, by keeping it pressed for few seconds and then move it in the dock.

8- that’s it, you’re done.

Now it’s time to log back into your device through our app (add link), and to pair it with the Point of Sale Cloud account.





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