SumUp Air: Accepting card payments

Accepting card payments with the SumUp Air is incredibly easy; this guide will show you how.


  1. Open the SumUp App on your smartphone or tablet and log in with the email address and password that you registered with.
  2. Enter the transaction amount (minimum £ 1.00) or choose a product from the Product Catalogue. You can also type in a description of the transaction in the corresponding field.
  3. When you’re done, press “Charge”. Your Air Card Reader will automatically turn on and connect to your device. Having issues? Click here.
  4. Now your customer can either:
      • Pay with a contactless / NFC card by tapping it on the top of the card reader. After tapping the card onto the reader you will hear a beep and the 4 LEDs will light up, signalling a successful transfer.
      • Or, pay with chip, by inserting the card into the top of the card reader (chip-side first with the front of the card facing up).
  5. Next, they have to authorise the transaction. This can be done by entering their PIN, or by signing the screen when requested and then pressing the green tick.
    Your card reader and your app will display a notification to confirm that the transaction was successful.
  6. If you want, you can now send a receipt to your customer by entering their email address or mobile number into the corresponding field. You also have the option to print a receipt via a mobile printer or AirPrint/Google Cloud Print.
    Congratulations! You just made a successful payment with the SumUp Air!

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⇨ With the SumUp App you can keep track of your cash payments–here’s how.

⇨ Did you know you can use your SumUp Card Reader abroad? Find out how, here.

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