Your SumUp Account at makes accounting easy thanks to the graphic analysis of your sales and a detailed list of all your SumUp transactions. You can also manage your employee accounts, purchase additional readers and accessories, refer your friends, and more.

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Your "Dashboard" gives you a useful analysis of all your transactions. You can set a timeframe in the upper right-hand corner and it will show your sales for the set dates.

Total sales revenue
Compare your sales to the sales of the previous period. You can sort the report by the count of transactions, or by amount. The graph adjusts accordingly. If you hover your cursor over each bar you will see a breakdown of all transactions for that specific week or day, depending on your selection.

Transaction Types
Review a breakdown of your sales, showing the proportion of credit card, debit card and cash payments.

Payouts & Balances
See the date and amount of your latest payout.

Historical Records
Check out the highest and lowest sales revenue based on the day or week that you selected.


In the "Sales" tab, you can find a list of all your transactions that you have processed through SumUp. Here’s an in-depth guide to your sales history.

We also offer a variety of business and tax-relevant reports for you to download.

Additionally, you can refund transactions in the "Sales" tab.


The "Payouts" tab allows you to check the details of your payouts. You can filter for individual payouts and immediately download the Payout Report. By clicking on an individual payout you’ll be able to see every card payment that is included in that payout.

My Products

Access "My Products" to manage your Product Catalogue. You can create products and shelves as well as manage your catalogue in one place.


In the "Account" section, you’re not only able to check your details, but also manage your employees, your payout and privacy settings.

Account Details

"Account Details" lets you have a look at your business details (incl. your Merchant ID) and your personal details. Your business details, as well as your personal details, should always be up-to-date as this information is used to verify your identity. We will support you to amend your account information.
You can also change your bank details on your own.

We may ask you to provide certain documents in order to verify your account. The documents tab allows you to upload any requested documents.
If you want more information concerning your documents, visit this article for the UK or this article for Ireland and Malta.


It's important to note that only one user can access the account at any given time and therefore simultaneous payments are not possible. You can easily overcome this obstacle by creating employee accounts so each of your employees can simultaneously transact with their own account.

The transactions processed by your employees will be paid out to the bank account registered to your business.


Payout settings
Select a payout plan that best suits your business needs: daily, weekly or monthly payouts.

Payout report emails
Here you can adjust your daily and monthly Payout Report options depending on your business needs.

Billing descriptor
Customise your business name as you would like it to appear on your customer’s bank statement. Now your customers can easily recognise your business.

Privacy settings
Change your consent to the processing and sharing of your personal data, which we kindly remind you, is required to use SumUp’s services and is outlined within the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

Change password
Change your password if you wish to do so. You'll be immediately able to log in using your new login details.

For Developers

The Developers page offers our integration partners information about our products and integrations. It helps you build payment accepting solutions for your business.

Refer a friend

Invite your friends to SumUp and earn a reward. You won’t be the only one to benefit - your referrals will receive a discount on their card reader. Simply share your link via Facebook, Twitter or any other app, or copy and paste it. For more information, have a look at these frequently asked questions.


Our integrated shop makes purchasing an additional card reader or accessory hassle-free. Just click “Shop” in the menu and select the desired product. Then enter a shipping address, select a payment method and confirm your order.


You can send us direct support requests through our contact form that you can find under the "Support" tab. A support request placed directly through your SumUp Account allows us to gather information faster and in turn, we can help you quicker.

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