Employee accounts allow you to create separate accounts for each employee. Your advantage: You can check and analyse each sale for every employee individually.

Different accounts, one bank account: The transactions processed by your employees will be paid out to the bank account registered to your main account.

Employees each have a separate login for the SumUp App with a separate email address and password. They can accept card payments and check their Sales History in the SumUp App.
Employees can’t log in to your SumUp Account at sumup.me and change your account information. They also can’t add a separate bank account—all settlements will be transferred to the bank account connected to the main account.

Note that the Product Catalog (iOS) /Advanced Mode (Android) aligns with the settings of the main account. This means employees cannot enable or disable the Product Catalog/Advanced Mode and can therefore, not add products or categories.

The main account sees the Sales Histories of each employee account and receives all payout reports to their email address. As a result, the main account has an accounting function.

Create Employee Accounts

Creating employee accounts is easy as pie. Just follow our guide below:

  1. Log in to your SumUp Account at sumup.me.
  2. Choose “Employee” in the menu on the left hand side.
  3. Click “Add new employee” in the upper right corner.

  4. Enter an email address and a password. These will be the login details for your employee.

  5. Confirm everything by clicking “Add employee”.
  6. Congratulations! You just added your first employee. You can disable and re-enable employee accounts at any time.
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