First Steps: Point of Sale App (POS)

This article guides you through the first steps with the SumUp Point of Sale (POS) App:

  1. Test-mode and "going live"
  2. First use; starting and closing of business days
  3. Checkout process
  4. Login/logout employee
  5. Administration menu
  6. Synchronisation and offline feature

1- Test-mode and "going live"

Upon delivery, the POS system is in a test mode in order to give you the opportunity to get familiar with the product. That means that you can conduct an endless amount of test transactions without capturing them in your fiscally relevant accounting.

  • Note: card transactions can not be reversed! If you want to test card payments you can use your own card and transact a small test amount (e.g. €1.00).

When you feel ready to "go live" please let our customer support know. We will adjust your account's status so that your previous test transactions will be deleted and every transaction from then on will be logged re-starting with ticket #1. Your master data (articles, order-screen, employees, etc.) will not be deleted and are not affected by the status change.


2- First use; starting and closing of business days

After you have successfully set up the hardware (instructions) please open the POS App on your iPad. You can now open your first business day by following these steps:

At the end of the business day you can close the shift in the same menu by following the same steps as described above. If a business day is closed it can not be restarted on the same day.


3- Checkout process

Once the business day has started you are ready for your first test transaction.

  • Note: card transactions can not be reversed! If you want to test card payments you can use your own card and transact a small test amount (e.g. €1.00).

Cash payments

Click on "Cash". The cash drawer opens automatically and the transaction will be logged accordingly. The receipt printer prints a ticket.

Card payments

In order to conduct a test card transaction choose "Manual entry" and type in €1.00 Click "Save" and "Order". Choose "Card". A SumUp login interface pops up. Type in your SumUp account details. Follow the in-app instructions in order to finish the card payment transaction. The cash drawer is not opened in this process.

  • Hint: you can take tip during card transactions as well by adjusting the total amount in "Total+Tip" before clicking on "Card".


Choose articles from the order screen and click "Order". To remove or adjust the basket click "Void" in the lower corner on the right side. The list of articles can now be adjusted by clicking on the "-"-symbol and then by confirming by clicking on "Void".


4- Login/logout employee

If more than one employee works the POS system it might be useful to create a personal login code for each employee. You can easily create those in the POS Cloud by yourself. In order to log out the current employee you need to click on the name of the employee and then on "Logout".

To log yourself in type in your employee code. The pre-defined code upon delivery is 1234.


5- Administration menu

By clicking on the gearwheel symbol on the upper right corner you can access the app's admin menu. From here you can access the following sub-menus:

  • Information, Cloud and Network: here you find technical information which might be required when contacting our customer support.
  • Shift: here you can start and close shifts. When closing the shift a report of your daily revenues will be printed. A click on "load shop data" lets you download the updated cloud data to the app.
  • Journal: the journal lists all technical aspects of every process taking place in the POS App.
  • Print spooler: if the connection to the receipt printer is lost, all print jobs are queued in the print spooler list.
  • Payment adjustment: here you will find all transactions that have been conducted during today's shift. You can now click on a specific transaction and can re-print the invoice, void the transaction or modify the payment option.
  • Reports: in the "Reports"-menu you will find several reports such as the personal X-report .


6- Synchronisation and offline feature 

The POS App uploads all transaction data to the cloud - every minute. You can therefore analyze the data in real time from everywhere.

  • Hint: Changes in cloud master data have to be downloaded to the app manually ("Load shop data").

If your internet connection cuts a read warning symbol next to the employee's name will inform you that you are in the offline mode.

Transactions can still be conducted - it's only the card payment feature which does not work in the offline mode. There is no maximum duration of the offline mode - as soon as you reconnect to the internet all data will be synchronized with the cloud automatically.

Congratulations! You now know the basics of using the SumUp POS App. For more specific questions around the POS App please click here. To install the app from the App Store, follow this guide.

For more information on the POS Cloud please click here.

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