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“Something went wrong! Please try again.”

Messages for Android App

“We're working hard to fix the issue. Please try again later.”

This is a problem in the SumUp App or on the website’s end, and therefore, you cannot solve it yourself. But fret not! When the SumUp App or website displays this message there are a few things you can do to quickly get around the problem:

This error is often only temporary. You may simply need to wait a few minutes—or perhaps only a few seconds—before trying again, and the app may work properly as before.

If you are experiencing this problem on your browser, try reloading the web page. Click the “Reload” button on your browser’s toolbar or press F5. Your browser will contact the web server and ask for the page again, and this may fix your problem.

If the above does not work, you may need to wait a bit before coming back to the website. SumUp is experiencing a problem, but rest assured, we are working our hardest to fix it as soon as possible! Try accessing the website again later, and we bet it will work properly. We apologise for any inconvenience.

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