What do I need to know before signing up?

With SumUp, merchants can take cards displaying the logos of Visa, V Pay, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express, Diners Club, Discover or Union Pay.

If you want to know more about our card reader and service, here you can find all the answers to the most frequently asked pre-sign up questions:

What costs do I need to cover?

☉ How much do I have to pay for the card reader? Do I have to pay VAT?

The SumUp Air Card Reader is £29.00/€39.00 and the SumUp 3G Card Reader is £ 99.00/€ 99.00. While these prices do not include VAT, SumUp covers the shipping costs.
Visit our homepage for current offers.

☉ What are the transaction fees? Do I get an invoice?

With no monthly fees, pay only 1.69% (UK) / 2.75% (Ireland and Malta) per transaction for all accepted cards and NFC payments. Pay when you get paid. There are no differences between the different card schemes and NFC payments in terms of fees.
Note: Each Virtual Terminal transaction fee is 2.95% +£0,25 /2.95% + €0,25.

Along with every Monthly Payout Report, we will also send you an invoice detailing the total transaction fees for that period.

☉ Are there different fees for different payment methods?

There are no differences between the different card schemes in terms of fees.
As mentioned, the Virtual Terminal transaction fee is different from the standard fee of the SumUp card reader.

☉ Do I have to pay VAT on the payouts I receive?

No, there is no VAT on our transaction fee.

☉ Are there any hidden fees?

None. With no monthly costs or fixed contracts, you simply pay per transaction.

What technical requirements do I need to use SumUp?

☉ Do I need a SumUp card reader?

Yes, in order to process transactions with SumUp, you'll need our card reader.
Want multiple card readers for your employees? No problem. Manage these readers under one SumUp account for your business.
Curious about the differences between our card readers? Read through SumUp Readers for an overview and to see which one best fits your business.

☉ Do I need a phone or tablet?

To use the SumUp Air, you’ll need either a smartphone or tablet to process payments. Find out if your device is compatible with the SumUp Air here.
The SumUp 3G is a standalone device and doesn't need a second device such as a smartphone or tablet to work.

☉ Do I need an internet connection?

In order to process transactions with SumUp, you will need a connection to the internet via WiFi or data coverage (minimum 3G speed).

☉ Do I need a charging station?

You can certainly charge your card reader via the included USB cable connected to a computer or another power source. But many of our merchants love the charging station available in our shop that not only charges but stylishly holds the reader in place while it rests on a flat surface.

☉ Do I need a printer?

No printer is needed. Simply send customers their receipts via SMS or email.
To offer your customers physical receipts, you can connect the Air Card Reader to a compatible printer or cloud printing services.

What information does SumUp need to set up an account?

☉ Do I need a business bank account?

While sole traders and freelancers can use their personal bank accounts, all other businesses must have a company bank account registered in the name of the company.
It’s also important that the bank account uses the same currency as the country in which the company’s SumUp account is registered.

Click here to learn about the bank account requirements needed to register your business with SumUp.

☉ Which legal type should I choose for my SumUp Account?

When registering with SumUp, you’ll be asked to identify your business’ legal type such as sole trader, limited company, partnership, club or society, etc.

☉ Which business information does SumUp need?

To begin transacting with SumUp, we only need your email address, password, shipping address and payment details. You can complete your account information later and will be asked to provide:

  • Legal type and business category
  • Name of business and address
  • Names of the beneficial owners
  • Contact details and contact address of authorised signatories
  • Personal details such as personal address, date of birth and mobile number
  • Bank account in the country in which you operate your business

For a more comprehensive list of what information SumUp requires from businesses for verification, please click here.

☉ Does SumUp support every business model?

We love supporting small businesses, entrepreneurs and creative business models. Kindly note that as a regulated entity, we operate under strict requirements imposed by the financial regulator, the card schemes (Visa, Mastercard and American Express) and our acquiring bank.
This means that our license is not limitless and while we do support a variety of businesses, we can’t support every business model.

Kindly review our list of restricted businesses.

☉ Will I be required to provide my personal information?

Yes, we’ll need your personal information because we’re required by law to make sure that you are in fact the individual registered with SumUp and the main contact for your business.
Rest assured that your privacy and security matter to us, and we implement all necessary levels of protection to keep your information safe.

Kindly see our Security article for further information on this topic.

How do I order from SumUp?

☉ How can I order my SumUp Card Reader?

Getting your card reader only takes 2 steps:

  1. Register for your SumUp account and order your card reader at sumup.co.uk/sumup.ie/sumup.com.mt
  2. Tell us your preferred method of payment and delivery address* to which you’d like us to ship your card reader to and we’ll send it right to you.

*SumUp offers the possibility for you to list a delivery address outside of the country you have registered your SumUp account.

☉ How does the shipping process work?

SumUp covers all shipping costs.
Once you order your card reader, we’ll ship your order and you should receive it within 2-3 business days (3-5 business days to Ireland).
If you’re looking for further details, check out this Delivery article.

☉ How to track my shipment?

Easy. A tracking link via SMS and email will be sent to you on the day we ship your order.

How does SumUp help me with my accounting?

☉ Will I be able to provide my customers with receipts?

Absolutely. After a successful transaction, you can send the receipt to your customer via email or SMS for no extra charge. Our Air Card Readers can connect to a receipt printer or cloud printing service if you’d like to offer physical receipts.

Click here for more information about printers and here for receipts.

☉ When do I receive my payout from a transaction?

It typically takes 1-3 business days (2-3 business days for Ireland and Malta) from the transaction date to the day the funds appear in your bank account. Note that you can choose the frequency of your payouts: daily, weekly or monthly.

Getting paid–how does it work? provides extra information about payouts.

☉ Do I get a Payout report and/or a record for my tax accountant?

For each payout to your bank account, you’ll be emailed a Payout Report (PDF) listing every transaction included in the payout. Your SumUp Account will allow you to set your frequency preference for receiving these reports to daily or monthly.

SumUp also allows you to download a Revenue Report (PDF) to send to the relevant financial authorities. This report provides an overview of all of the goods or services you've sold over a given period of time.

Additionally, every month we’ll send you an invoice detailing the total transaction fees for that period.

You will be able to access and download your payout reports via your SumUp account at sumup.me. Here you can view the status of all your transactions.

Click on the following to learn more about:

Can I use SumUp abroad?

☉ Which countries does SumUp support?

SumUp currently supports 31 countries across the world. Click here to see a list of these countries.
You can request permission to use SumUp outside of your home country in another country that is supported by SumUp.

☉ Can I accept international cards?

Our general rule of thumb is that if the card being used displays a Mastercard, Maestro, V PAY, Visa, American Express, Diners Club, Discover or Union Pay logo, we can process the payment. See our Accepted cards article for further information.
When processing payments from international cards, it is important to note that cardholders may be charged an additional currency conversion fee and that the payout time for these cards may be longer. Additionally, all transactions are subject to the approval of the card issuer.

Let your customers choose the way they want to pay. Whether it’s via Chip and PIN, a tap of their card or phone, you’ll never have to turn a customer away.


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