Get to know your 3G Card Reader. From features to general operating tips, the manual below offers a comprehensive look at our reader.

For help setting up your 3G Reader, check out the article SumUp 3G: Setup Guide.

chargingicon.png  Charging

Charge the SumUp 3G Card Reader with the included USB type C cable by connecting it to your computer or another power source. Note: The reader is able to accept transactions while charging.

connection.png  Connection

With the included SIM card, your device should automatically establish a connection anywhere where cellular network is available.
If your device is having difficulty establishing a connection and displaying the message “Connection Error”, try the following tricks:

  • Restart the device. Power off your device by holding the power button down for 4 seconds or until the 4 green LEDs turn off. Wait a few additional seconds and then turn the device on again.
  • Change your location. Open areas and those near windows are ideal for connection.
  • Contact SumUp Support. Our SumUp Support Team is available via email at or by phone at 020 3510 0160 (UK) to assist you with any issues you may have.

 generaluseicon.png  General usage

In order for the SumUp 3G Card Reader to operate and process payments, it requires a network connection (Note: the reader provides unlimited free data). For optimal usage, please ensure you are processing payments in areas that are above ground.

 refund.png  Issuing Refunds

Kindly note that you can issue full refunds on transactions made with the SumUp 3G Card Reader in your dashboard at To issue a refund, check out our article Refund Transactions.

 setupguideicon.png  Language Settings

To manage the language settings of the device, go to the menu screen, then select “System” and then “Change Language” where you can select the language for the device.

 menuicon.png  Menu

The table below is a list of menu options available in the 3G Card Reader.

Last Transaction View details such as date, amount and status of your last transaction. You can also resend a receipt to your customer via email or SMS.
Transaction History Provides a list of your transactions with details such as date, time and amount of your transactions. From here you can select a transaction for which you wish to resend a receipt.
System Lets you manage the language settings of your device by selecting “Change Language”.
Settings Offers you the option “logout” to sign out of the device.
Software Information Shows the latest update version of the device.

 myaccounticon.png  My Account

To see which account you are logged into on your 3G reader, go to the menu screen, and exit it by pressing the cancel button or the back button. Your merchant ID and account name will then be displayed on the screen for a few seconds.

 simcardicon.png  SIM Card

It is imperative that merchants do not replace the included SIM card or tamper with it. The reader will only work with the SIM card provided and will not work with a different SIM card.

powerofficon.png  Standby mode VS Power off

Standby mode allows the reader to remain connected to the cellular network which allows you to be ready for a transaction at a moment’s notice while still saving battery. Simply briefly press the power button to have the device go into standby mode. Note: The reader will automatically go into standby mode after 4 minutes without use.
To completely turn off the device, hold down the power button for around 4 seconds or until the 4 green LEDs turn off. Kindly note that after the device has been switched off, it will need to reconnect to the cellular network once it is turned on again.

 tippingicon.png  Tipping

To enable the tipping function on your reader, go to the menu, scroll to “Settings”, select “Tipping” and then select “Tipping on”. Your reader’s screen will now display a tipping option after the amount for a transaction has been entered, allowing the customer to enter the amount they wish to tip. The tipping function can also be disabled later by following the above steps and then selecting “Tipping off”.

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