Import products into your Product Catalogue

Importing products to your Product Catalogue means you can update and manage your inventory in seconds from the comfort of your SumUp Dashboard. The best part? All changes will automatically sync with the SumUp App. Here’s how to do it:

In this article:

  • Getting started
  • Using our File template
  • Managing imported products

Getting started

  1. Go to "Products" in your Dashboard. There, you’ll be given the option to either individually add a product or to "Import" multiple products.
  2. To import multiple items into your catalogue, click "Import".
  3. You’ll now be asked to either drag or upload an Excel file to begin the "Import" process. Please bear in mind that only Excel files of a maximum 5MB are recognised in this process.
  4. We’ve created a useful "File template" that you can work with as a foundation. You’ll need to use this exact format in order to successfully import your file. Be sure to organise your columns and naming process accordingly.
  5. After uploading your Excel file, click "Import".

Using our File template

We’ve created 7 sections within our template to ensure your products are effectively categorised.

Product ID & Product name
The Product ID is a unique number that you should assign to each product and the Product name is where you highlight what the product is, for example, 1 Red Notebook. Each product should have at least one variant. Simply distinguish the difference by adding a comma or period to the Product ID: 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, etc. The first number identifies the product while the second number after the comma identifies the product variant. For example, 1.1 Blue notebook, 1.2 Green notebook, 1.3 Orange notebook. Both sections need to be filled in for the import to be successful.
Category ID & Category name
The Category ID and Category name is the number and name given to specific categories within your inventory. For instance, "1" and "Clothes". Both sections need to be filled in for the import to be successful.
Variant name
This section can be left empty so long as the product has a designated price. The Variant name section is perfect for marking differences such a size: S, M, L.
Price (gross)
This section is where you enter the gross price of each product. This field needs to be filled in for the import to be successful.
Tax rate
An amount based on your specific configured tax rate must be added to this cell. You don’t need to include a % sign however, this field must be filled for a successful import.

Managing imported products

  1. After selecting "Import" you’ll be taken to a window that will give you the option to edit or remove products.
  2. If any errors occurred in the upload, such as missing information, please reupload the sheet with the correct information
  3. Finally, select "Save changes" then "Continue" and you’ll be all set.
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