Aggregated Items can be used to create special offers, such as lunch combos or other offers, e.g. you offer tapas and beer together with a reduced priced.

  1. In the Cloud, create a new article which will be turned into an aggregated article. Click on Master Data → Articles → Add New.POS_Cloud_Aggregated_01_en-gb.png
    Important: Existing articles can be turned into aggregated articles as well!
  2. Enter the new SKU, article name, short name, article group, and article type. In this case the short-name is very important, as it will be shown in the app during checkout.
    Important: Do not enter a price here, as it will be automatically added during a later step.POS_Cloud_Aggregated_02_en-gb.png
  3. Click Save.POS_Cloud_Aggregated_03_en-gb.png
  4. Edit the newly created article.POS_Cloud_Aggregated_04_en-gb.png
  5. Change to the tab Constraints → Aggregated.POS_Cloud_Aggregated_05_en-gb.pngPOS_Cloud_Aggregated_06_en-gb.png
  6. The checkbox Show Articles allows you to show all articles on the receipt that will be printed. You can search for all saved articles in the search box next to Articles.
    Important: You can only aggregate articles that use the same VAT rates. If this is not the case the Cloud will show an error message.POS_Cloud_Aggregated_07_en-gb.png
  7. After adding an article via the search box (in this example Bruschetta & beer) the total amount of each individual article is added to the field Total Price.POS_Cloud_Aggregated_08_en-gb.png
  8. To add a new price to the aggregated article, enter the desired total price in the field Total Price. In this example the tapas + beer combo will have a price of 7,50€. You can also edit the price of each article individually to get the desired total amount.POS_Cloud_Aggregated_09_en-gb.png
  9. The Cloud automatically calculates the appropriate partial amount of each item, if you enter the final price directly.
    Important: This calculation has no effect on the added articles. It is only relevant for this aggregated item.
  10. Click on Save to return to the previous screen.POS_Cloud_Aggregated_10_en-gb.png

Reminder: To use this newly created Aggregated Article, you must added to your Order Screen. Click here to find out how to add articles to your Order Screen.
Reminder: In the app, click on Settings > Business Day > Load Shop Data to synchronise your most recent changes.


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