What’s new in Version 2.34? (POS)

New Features


■ The cash book is a tool which takes on the function of a journal.

In the cash book, you can track all cash flows (receipts, expenditures, change deposits, levies) that occur in a company. 

Aggregated Articles

■ Possibility to combine several different articles into a common flat-rate article. This flat rate item is displayed on the invoice.

Improved functions and fixes


■ Balance calculation when paid with voucher is improved.

■ Adjustments in X-report when using multiple currencies are done.

Order API:

■ Improved stability in checkout mode, solved problems with with rarely

occurring confirmation errors, adjusted negative price articles, getting

information about orders is fixed.


■ Adding a UDP broadcast allows the master device to be used reliably in the

event of network changes, resulting in fewer connection difficulties.


■ Info articles are now printed correctly again.

Checkout Mode:

■ Users who do not have the permission can no longer access the admin


■ Other minor improvements have been made.


■ When paying with foreign currency, the correct currency is now displayed on

the payment overview.

■ The value of vouchers was not correctly deducted if you paid a partial amount

with another payment method at the same time; this has now been fixed.

PLUs and Barcodes:

■ Adjustments have been made to the handling of barcodes and PLUs in the


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