SumUp 3G: Accepting card payments


As soon as your 3G Card Reader has been set up, you can begin accepting card payments. It’s simple. See the following steps:

  1. Turn on your 3G Card Reader. You should be automatically logged in once you have entered your credentials during the card reader setup.
  2. Enter the transaction amount and press the green tick.
  3. Have the customer pay once “Please tap” appears on the screen by:
    • Tapping their NFC-enabled card or device on the card reader’s screen, or
    • Inserting their chip card in the bottom of the card reader, or
    • Swiping their magstripe card at the top of the card reader.
  4. If prompted, have the customer authorise the payment by entering their PIN or by signing the screen when requested, before pressing the green tick.
  5. You should then see the notification “Send receipt”. Underneath this select a receipt option: “No receipt”, “Email receipt” or “SMS receipt”. Depending on their receipt preference, ask the customer to enter their email or mobile number.

Done! Now you’re ready for the next transaction.

cardpay.png  Check out our SumUp 3G: Manual for further instructions.

Did you know you can use your SumUp Card Reader abroad? Find out how, here.

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